Green's Purchase, Charles Co., MD

Luke Green to Edward Maddock

11 Nov 1673

Charles County Court (Land Records), Liber E, Folio 157
Luke Greene acknowledged the ensueinge Conveyance unto Edward Maddock for two hundred acres of Land called Greenes Purchase in open Court Vizt.

This Indenture made the Eleaventh day of November In the yeare of our Lord One thousand six hundred Seaventy & three Betwixt Luke Greene of Charles County in the Province of Maryland Planter of the one pte And Edward Maddock of the same County Apothecary of the other pte witnesseth that the sd Luke Greene as well for & in consideracon of the sume of three thousand five hundred pounds of tobacco & Cask to him in hande paide by the sd Edward Maddock the receipt whereof the sd Luke Greene doth acknowledge & himselfe to be therewith fully Satisfied contented & paide As also for diverse othr good causes & consideracons him thereunto moveinge Hath bargained sold aliened enfeoffed assigned & sett over And by theise pntes doth fully clearely & absolutely bargain sell alien enfeoffe assigne & Sett over unto the said Edward Maddock his heires & ass for ever All that pcell or Tract of Land called Greenes purchase) lyeinge on the East side of the Anacostine River on the Southeast side of a branch or creeke in the sd River called St Isedores Creeke begining at a bounded Oake standinge by the waterside neare an olde Indian forte & runninge Southwest downe the Creeke for breadth the length of one hundred pches to a bounded Oake boundinge on the South by a line drawne Southeast into the woods the length of three hundred & twenty pches to a bounded oake on the Easte by a lyne drawne Northeast from the ende of the former line the length of one hundred pches to a bounded oake that intersects a paralell lyne drawne Northwest to the first bound oake on the North with the sd paralell, on the west with the sd Creeke conteyninge two hundred acres more or lesse with all &
Charles County Court (Land Records), Liber E, Folio 158
singular the pastures feedinges wayes watercourses woods underwoods proffitts comodities advantages & apurtenances to the sd pmisses belonginge or to any pte or pcell thereof in any wise apperteyninge And also all the Rights estate title intereste use pperty possion claime & demand of him the sd Luke Greene of & in the same Togethr with all deedes manuscripts or papers touchinge or concerninge the same or any pte or pcell thereof To have & to hold the aforesd pcell of Land & all & singular the pmisses before granted & bargained with their & every of theire rights members & appurtences whatsoev unto the sd Edward Maddock his heires & ass for ever And the sd Luke Greene doth for himself & his heires executrs & admrs Covenant prmise & grante to & with the said Edward Maddock his heires executrs admrs & ass That he the sd Luke Greene now is lawfully & justly possed of a Just & due title & claime in Law & in the before bargained premisses & hath full & absolute power to bargain sell and assure the Same And that the pmisses now are & forever hereafter shall be & continue free & cleare & freely & clearely acquitted exonerated & discharged of & from all & Singular former & other bargaines Sales guifts grantes leases rentes mortgages Joyntures dowers claimes demands & incumbrances wtsoev by him them or any of them formerly had done or comitted or to be had done or comitted And the sd Luke Greene for himself & his heires executrs & admrs the aforesd pcell of lande & all & Singulr other the prmisses before granted bargained & sold with the appurtenances unto the sd Edward maddock his heires & ass forever agst him the sd Luke Greene his heires & ass & agst all & eVy pson or psons wtsoev shall & will forever defende by theise pntes And the sd Luke Greene for himselfe his heires executrs & admrs doth Covent pmise grante & agree to & wth the sd Edward Maddock his heires & ass by theise pntes that he the sd Edward Maddock his heires & ass & evy of them shall & may by force & virtue of theise pntes from tyme to tyme & at all tymes for ever hereafter lawfully peaceably & quietly have hold use occupie possesse & enjoy the sd lande & all & singular the before granted pmisses & have receive & take the rentes issues & pfitts thereof to his & their owne pper uses & behoofes without any manner of lett trouble eviction or interrupcon of or by the sd Luke Greene his heires executrs admrs or ass or any of them or of or by any other pson or psons wtsoev (The rentes & services which from henceforth from tyme to tyme for or in respect of the pmisses hereby sold shall grow due & payable to the Cheife Lord or Lords of the Fee or fees thereof for & in respect of his or their Seignory or Seignoryes onely Excepted & foreprized)
In witnes hereof the pties aforesd to theise Indenturs have interchangeably putt their hands & seales the day & yeare first above written.
Luke Greene (loc sigil)
Signed Sealed in the pnce of us
Thomas Corker
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