Rigg Family History

Mark of Thomas Rigg (d. 1688)

My earliest proven Rigg ancestor is a Thomas Rigg who died in 1761 in Charles County, Maryland.

His father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother, Susannah Posey, and step-father, Cleborn Lomax.
Thomas Rigg's father was almost certainly the John Rigg who died in 1711 in Charles County, Maryland leaving a widow, Susannah.
While I have not found a second widow Susannah Rigg living in Charles County in the 1710s, I am mindful that there were two such individuals in the 1770s and that one printed history confused the two.

John Rigg (d. 1711) was likely born in Charles County about 1687, the son of Thomas Rigg (d. 1688) and Constance, who later married John Gardiner.
If so, he had older Rigg siblings (Mary and Thomas) and younger Gardiner siblings (John, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joseph and Ann).

I suspect that Thomas Rigg (d. 1688) was born between 1636 and 1655. 1636 would make him about the same age as Richard Morris, whose will he witnessed in 1686. He would need to have been born by 1655 to be an adult legatee of Job Cornor and Thomas Corker in November 1676. If he was born closer to 1636 he would almost certainly have been born in England. If he was born closer to 1655 he could have been born in the colonies. He does not appear to descend from either Edward Riggs of Roxbury or Thomas Riggs of Gloucester. Relationship, if any, to the John Rigg(s) who was in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia by 1645 is unknown.

Y-DNA testing suggests a close relationship with a descendant of the Peter Rigg who died in Shelby County, Kentucky by January 1831. There is an exact match on the 12-marker test and a genetic distance of 1 on the 37-marker test, 2 on the 67-marker test, and 3 on the 111-marker test. Peter Rigg does not descend from Thomas Rigg (d. 1761) (or his father, for that matter). If you are a male Rigg/Riggs you may be interested in participating in the Riggs/Riggs Y-DNA Study.

Judy Smith Steffen provided photographs (circa 1916) of Malinda (McCleary) Rigg and family. Any assistance you can provide in identifying other family members would be greatly appreciated.

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